Specializing in Construction Defect Repair
(Working with The General Contractor, Consultants, Property Managers, HOA Boards and Owners)
-Multi Unit Complexes: Residential and Commercial
-Onsite Evaluation
-Targeted Inspection openings
-Targeted repairs
-Full Exterior Cladding removal with New System Installs
-Full and Partial skim coat and Re-Colors
-Detailed Estimates
-Expectation Management. From Timelines to Tenants
(We work along side the General Contractors, Property Managers, and HOA Boards to provide constant and clear Communication to manage all expectations)
Moisture Damage
(Focused on solving the problem before repairing the symptom)
-Water Penetration and Leak detection services
-Dry rot repair
-Cracking and Staining
Targeted Repairs
-New window or door installs, new stucco tie-ins
-Repairs around penetrations
-Damage below roof to wall connections
Flashing Systems
-Water Diverter Flashing at roof to wall connections
-Window and door flashings
-Roof and Deck to wall connections
-Brick seal flashings
-Custom flashings


Full and Partial Exterior Rennovation
-Multi Unit Business
-Occupied and Non-Occupied
-Small and Large Business
-Multi Unit Complexes
-Occupied or Non-Occupied
-Individual Homes
Design Assistance
-Stucco and Stone placement
-Color schemes
-Custom moldings
-Any and all aspects of design
Stone Veneer
-Natural or Cultured stone
-Stone wall caps, seal stone, Column caps
-Address blocks, Keystones, Trim and Seal stones
-Jack Arches, Light and outlet backs and more…
Full Re-colors (Done correctly)
All Types of Stucco Systems
-All variations of Hard Coat stucco
-Hybrid Systems: 2.5 Metal Lath, Base and mesh over brown


New Construction
Sofit, Facia and gutter * 
Roofing *
Decking *
Interior Plaster and Stone
-Custom wall textures
-And more…
Siding *
-Hardie Board, Vinyl, Custom  *
Inspection services **
-Basic Visual
-Inspection report Evaluations (Fee based)
-Full Infra Red and Moisture Intrusion Detection **
-Full home Interior and Exterior Inspections **
* Handled by one of our Trusted Contractors in our referral network
**  For these Inspection services we recommend, trust and have used for over a decade Michael Leavitt with The Home