Goddard Stucco Systems LLC is here to provide our clients with highest levels of customer service and quality possible in all aspects, from first contact all the way through to completion of their project. We do this by living out our values and philosophies at all times, in all situations, period!


Our intent is to become one of the most sought after Remodel and Repair Specialists in the Industries of Remedial Construction, Construction Defect repair, Remodel and Re-design of exterior claddings on residential and commercial projects.

Our Philosophy

We do not view Goddard Stucco Systems as simply a construction company, but choose to view it as a means to better the lives of our employees, the clients we serve, and the communities we live and work in. At Goddard Stucco Systems the client always comes first, and our “do it right the first time” attitude shows in every aspect of what we do. We believe through clear and constant communication we create an environment of trust that fosters speed and execution. We strongly believe in the concept of “inspect what we expect”. We believe it is not enough to provide ongoing training for our team. From the owners to our formans, we look to inspect each phase of the job. This is how we maintain the levels of quality we are known for in all of our projects.

Our Values

INTEGRITY:  Doing the right thing at all times, in every situation. This is a value that is not only at the core of everything we do in this business, but permeates every aspect of our personal lives as well. We believe this is the value that encapsulates all other values.

QUALITY:  To us, this means “done right the first time”. And done right the first time means going beyond all expectations by taking the extra steps throughout the entire process, from first contact, to the smallest of details all the way through to completion. Attention to detail is one thing that has always separated us from all others.

COMMUNICATION:  We believe in constant and clear communication. From the first phone call all the way through to final inspection. We are not aware of a more efficient way to effectively manage all expectations.

Know who you’re working with

There are many things contributing to the current state of contracting in Utah. Good and bad. Perhaps none more so than the economic decline of 2008. Many contractors went out of business. The result has caused many of the employees of these failed companies to go out on their own, and owners to fade off or re start a new company after somewhat of a recovery. While we support small business ownership and the spirit of being an entrepreneur. It must be done legally and with Integrity. Some are licensed and insured, some are not. It’s not that they are bad people, they are just trying to feed their families. However, contractors with a short to no track record in business ownership, especially in the contracting world, can be costly down the road for prospective clients lured in by lower initial estimates. In addition. Be sure you are working with a contractor qualified and that has sufficient expertise in the area you are needing work to be done. IE: You do not want a contractor who’s primary focus and experience is in new construction only, doing a complex remedial or construction defect repair project. So be sure to know whom you have chosen to work with. With these things in mind, and in an effort to save time and hassle for our clients, Goddard Stucco Systems has provided the following credentials below.